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Carol Wagoner - Carol is an avid writer, and attends the Newport Church of the Nazarene
Carol Wagoner

Carol Wagoner

Moment by Moment Thanksgiving


It all began when I awoke this determination to be thankful today. As I stretched my body this way and that, I thanked God for life and the ability to move. Many people are unable to move at all. I dressed in warm clothing to meet a wintery day...knowing others are cold, unclothed, displaced and in desperate need. I praised the Lord for my unmerited comfort.

My kitchen was chilly so I turned up the heat. In a matter of minutes I was toasty warm. I'm thankful for my home, my nest, my hiding place. Then, I had to decide whether to have a glass of orange juice or milk, a cup of coffee or tea while I pondered God's word for the day. I thanked God because all choices were possible since my warm kitchen is well stocked with good things. My worn Bible, my trusty friend, awaited me on the counter. I turned on the lamp to read by and thanked the Lord for electricity, a lamp, a comfy chair, an education with the ability to read and eyes to see. Soft music from the Winds of Praise radio station wraps my mind in beautiful thoughts, my spirit in peace as I devote a few undivided moments to my wonderful God. I suddenly remembered to thank Him for ears with which to hear and the Bible itself, preserved throughout the ages and the people of God whose lives became transparent in its pages so that I might see God's plan.

As I head outside for as brisk a walk as I'm able to muster, I find the air filled with the sweet fragrance of new-fallen rain gently watering plant and animal alike with life-sustaining water....I praise the Lord. I'm not `looking forward' to wintery weather, but I promise my Father in heaven to search for more ways to be thankful even in this. He reminds me that all things need a time of rest and winter is earths quiet time...ok God...I understand. I'm thankful for rest and a fresh perspective.

There are wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famine, hurricanes. The daily news is a traumatic experience for me. My heart aches for the thousands of people left homeless and helpless in recent weeks and months by natural disasters. I'm thankful that the years have taught me that all I need to do is pray so I pray for those forlorn, hurting people many times each day.

I feel guilty, but very thankful that I am able to get into an adequate car, eat a healthy breakfast and go about my business with sufficient funds to meet my needs. Oh Father God, how thankful I am for today, for this moment, for the blessed knowledge that YOU are in complete control of all things. And dear and precious Father, thank you for helping me to become certain that regardless of anything and everything, my soul is safe in the palm of Your merciful hand!


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