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Natural Advice from New Life

Q: What natural approaches can be used instead of birth control pill for menstrual problems?


A: Natural Medicine excels in helping those with irregular bleeding and irregular menstrual cycles without the side effects of contraceptives or hormone replacement. An irregular cycle can have many causes related to
nutrition, hormonal imbalance and rarely more serious conditions. Usually, excessive bleeding is due to too much estrogen and the inability of the liver to congugate these hormones. Prescribing hormonal contraceptives
will only make this problem worse, as this will increase the burden on the liver by treating with a high amount of synthetic estrogen. Many teenagers can have irregular cycles which can be a normal part of development. This
can continue for 5-8 years until cycles normalize. One problem that develops in teens is that sometimes they do not get enough iron in their diet or optimal nutrition to maintain a normal menstrual cylcle. These issues need
to be dealt with. After this, there are several botanical medicines that can help regulate cycles or stop excessive bleeding. One example of this is "Vitex Agnus", which resets the hormones at the pituitary level to
rebalance hormones. This is an excellent herb that works in many cases after one bout of treatment. (One capsule daily until the bottle is gone). There are more specific botanicals that can stop heavy bleeding directly and then hormone balancing can be dealt with.

Birth control pills are never a great alternative to this problem, due to the side effects I mentioned earlier, plus many other nasty side effects. Blood clots leading to strokes, high blood pressure, weight gain. These are just a few.

Another important thing to know about birth control pills, is that one of the mechanisms of how they work is to irritate the lining of the uterus making it hostile to a newly conceived baby. It is not proven how often this happens, but even once would mean the abortion of your baby, if you were to conceive.

Talk to your local naturopathic doctor if you are having troubles with irregular cycles or heavy bleeding. Rather than the conventional alternatives which can even lead to a hysterectomy, natural medicine can get to the root cause and help balance out your cycles for life.


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