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Feature Article January 2006 POST - Written by Darrell Dahlman, of Pacificministries based in Gresham Oregon
Feature Article January 2006 POST

Darrell and Carlene Dahlman

I like to refer to an event in 1995. This weekend in July became a catalyst for inner spiritual transformation. While serving as a worship pastor, I thought it would be entertaining and educational to host a musical event featuring the African Children's Choir. Truth be told, I was simply looking for interesting alternatives to the normal worship routine. Little did I realize that hosting the African Children's Choir began a process of "undoing" which continues even to this day. When I walked into an early rehearsal, I encountered the children on their knees diligently interceding before the service. Their prayer was simply this: that the Holy Spirit would use their ministry for His glory. This became a defining moment in my life. I always thought of myself as a worshipper. After all that was my "job". But, as Mary discovered, there is a "better" way….and I began the journey from the "kitchen" (doing) to the "living room" (being).

There are three groups of people in the Church, which could be defined as intercessors, worshippers, and prophetic people. Actually, they're much the same... like a diamond, one small turn and new colors; new facets of the beauty of the diamond emerge. As David wrote: …one thing do we desire….and that we seek after…to be in the House of the Lord…forever. Our passion is His Presence.

Now, some 10 years later, Carlene and I find ourselves in a community of believers continuing to explore the heart and the presence of the Lord. This involves intercession, worship, and deeper ways of listening to the Father’s heart.

Pacificministries, formed in 2001, is simply a group of people whose identity and passion is to honor the Holy Spirit and pursue His Heart. Like Abraham, we have stepped into a land with no identifiable landmarks and no map. Early in our brief history, we operated as a team of prophetic people whose intent was to encourage churches and various ministry groups throughout the Northwest as well as listen to the Lord in creative spontaneous worship. To an extent, this is still a job assignment, but we are increasingly understanding we have yet to learn to listen carefully to God's voice and there are new adventures in "listening".

The passion for His Presence has opened up opportunities to work with the discipleship training schools in Youth With a Mission in Los Angeles, Japan, the Foursquare Church in Korea, and various other ministry organizations in the Pacific Rim regions.

Travel Diary Experpts

Daily I see evidence of God's direction and blessing. I spoke to an English "learning" pastors meeting on Monday. They meet in a home of a pastor, Holyfield, who also serves as one of my primary interpreters. We had "American style" pizza ( believe me....most of you would be surprised what these creative Koreans put on pizza). I shared my heart for North Korea and one of the women began to cry, as her brother (from South Korea) is in the North (for reasons I don't quite understand). I spoke of God's love for her and her was wonderful.

I traveled to the city of Ansun....north of Seoul for 2 days at Calvary Church. This wonderful group meets in a 3 story building complete with housing and large kitchen as they are called to serve the poor of the city. Currently they house some 40 people. I woke up at 5 am to the sound of they all meet in their traditional style early morning pray meeting. Good alarm clock!

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Land of the Morning Calm


This is most likely the final note I'll send from the Korea..."Land of the Morning Calm".

There are so many wonderful experiences I could could share...but let me just tell you about this Sunday morning:

First, I felt the Lord wanted me to gather up a plastic bag filled with dry leaves. This is truly a beautiful country with beautiful people...and the fall is especially rich in color. During my talk, I encouraged the church that the Father's love is a rich inheritance.....and that he has not discarded them, as a country or as individuals, but that He desired to "fill this Land with the Father's Blaze Spirit Blaze set hearts on fire".

I passed the bag around and each one took one of the leaves....some were brittle..or large...others small with differing shapes and colors...but all unique and one-of-a-kind in their own way. The message was that God has not forgotten them, and that His intent was to pour out His Spirit and to release them into the destiny He has for them. 100 years ago, at the same time in Wales and in Azusa Street in LA, there was a mighty move of God in North Korea, where most of the Christians then lived. We believe another such move is coming.

The Lord has a redemptive purpose for this Land...even though it is "dry and barren". I used my leaf and literally set it ablaze as an illustration of our lives being consumed by Him. As a drink offering or precious perfume, we become a sweet smelling fragrance of His Presence. I told them one of my favorite smells was burning it reminded me of raking leaves into a big pile, jumping into the pile...and eventually setting the whole thing on fire. (Oh the memories of the Midwest and the joy of Autumn...want to forget the winter) I believe this is such a season of spiritual harvest. Soon, the room filled with the fragrance of my "burning leaf" , and with it, a palatable sense of God's rich promise for the Korean people. (besides that, it was fun!)

Just little over two years ago, we began, monthly gatherings called Worship At The River. We believe the Holy Spirit is igniting a passion for His presence, which leads to new measures of spiritual unity and city transformation.

We anticipate continuing monthly gatherings in 2006 with some modifications. We continue to meet on the second Sunday of every month, with a change in the time and the place. Worship at the River will be held at Word Of Life Church. Word of Life is located in the Clear Creek Business Park on the corner of 223rd and Glisan. We will meet from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the 2nd Sunday of teach month. The Lord has given us a template for the entire year. We will explore the Lord's Prayer using a phrase from the Scripture as a theme for worship each month.

Sunday’s 2006 Worship at the River

January 8th Our Father in heaven….

February 12th …hallowed be your name

March 12th your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

April 9th Give us today our daily bread.

May 14th Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

June 11th And lead us not into temptation,

July 9th deliver us from the evil one

August 13th for Yours is the Kingdom

September 10th and the power

October 8th and the glory

November 12th forever...

December 10th AMEN!!

We continue to look forward to deepening relationships as we pursue the heart of the Father this year.

Darrell and Carlene


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